For Patients

Gastroenterology Service Fees


Consultations Costs

  • New patient consultation (patient not previously seen by DSA Gastroenterology) – $240
  • Long follow-up consultation (includes previous patients not seen for 12 months or more) – $190 / pensioner $150
  • Short follow-up consultation – $150 / pensioner $120


Procedure Costs

Privately insured patients

DSA Gastroenterology is a no-gap provider with most Australian health insurance funds. This means your health fund pays your gastroenterologist directly for the full cost of the procedure.

Patients without private insurance paying out-of-pocket

  • Gastroscopy – $500
  • Colonoscopy – $1000
  • Gastroscopy and colonoscopy – $1,250


Please note: These costs relate to the gastroenterologists fees only and do not include private hospital, anaesthetist and pathology fees.