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  • GP and specialist referrals can be addressed to any of the doctors in the practice, or generically to “Dr David Swartz & Associates”.
  • If the referral is deemed clinically urgent, please indicate this either by direct communication with administrative staff, or by marking the sent referral as “Urgent”. Any referrals deemed urgent will be reviewed by one of the specialists in the practice, and a consultation date allocated based on clinical need.
  • We assume that the patient will contact the practice to schedule their appointment date. If you require the practice to allocate a consultation date and contact the patient with details, please clearly indicate this on the referral and send to the rooms via facsimile or secure messaging.
  • Unless the referral is received via facsimile or secure messaging prior to the patient’s appointment date (preferred), the patient will be expected to bring the referral document with them in order for the consultation to occur.
  • Details of patient consultations will be communicated to the referring doctor via formal letter, usually within 1 week of the consultation date.


Endoscopic Procedures

  • The specialists in this practice perform endoscopic procedures at Shellharbour Private Hospital, Wollongong Day Surgery, Wollongong Private Hospital, The Wollongong Hospital and Shellharbour Public Hospital.
  • Specialty and interventional endoscopic procedures (including ERCP, endoscopic ultrasound, management of active upper GI bleeding and treatment of varices) are performed only at The Wollongong Hospital, regardless of the insurance status of the patient.
  • This practice offers a direct-to-procedure endoscopy option for appropriate patients and clinical indications. Please refer to the “Direct-To-Procedure” section of this website for additional details. All procedure reports will be sent to the referring doctor(s) via regular mail. In addition, patients will be provided with a copy of their procedure report on the day of the procedure.
  • If samples are taken for histopathology during a procedure, a letter will be sent to the referring doctor once the formal pathology report is obtained. This letter will outline the significant pathology findings and confirm any recommendations (e.g. endoscopic surveillance intervals) resulting from the findings.
  • The practice maintains a procedure recall system for those patients that have had repeat procedures recommended at a date in the future. Recall reminders will be sent to the patient via letter, as well as SMS when a mobile phone number has been provided.

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